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Back To School

Do you want to keep an eye on your children’s feet and ensure their school shoes fit correctly? Learn how to support growing feet – at school and beyond.

Children spend an average of 30 hours a week in school and it is important that they wear footwear that is appropriate, anatomically shaped and healthy for the growth and development of their feet. Children’s feet grow faster during the first 10 years of life and continue to develop through out their years at school. These facts are important to know when choosing school shoes.


For younger children, a first pair of school shoes is especially crucial: they’ll be wearing them for hours each day so need sturdy support, good shock absorption, durable soles and no restrictions when it comes to their movement – which is why fit is so important.

Keeping your child in too-small shoes or buying big just won't work, and could even lead to foot-related aches and issues down the line.

How do you pick the right school shoe for your child?

All shoes should protect your children’s feet – but particularly school shoes, since children spend so much time in them. To ensure their shoes fit properly, make sure you have your children’s feet measured regularly for length and width; so the shoe fits the natural shape of their foot, especially around the toes.

Specifically, the toe of the shoe should allow your child’s toes to move freely and not be squashed from the top or the sides. Make sure there is about 1cm growing room between the end of their longest toe (hit can often be the second toe – not the big toe) and the top end of their shoe. Also bear in mind that shoes should fit comfortably around the heel, and not be too loose or too tight. Generally speaking, you want the shoe to be a nice snug fit around the heel and arch, with room for the forefoot and toes.

Although they can be the fashionable choice, also try to avoid shoes with a higher heel. Look at the difference between the height of the heel and the height of the forefoot (often referred to as the pitch). For most kids, the ideal pitch is 10-15mm. Completely flat shoes and high heel shoes can place increased forces on the ball of the foot, heel and calf muscles which can lead to problems, particularly when kids are growing.

Brands We Choose 

Froddo school shoes are made with carefully selected certified materials of the highest quality. The latest technology is used to create a healthy and safe product. Froddo school shoes have light and Flexible soles which provide complete softness and mobility at each step. Features include rubber fronts for protection, ankle support and cushioning. They have Velcro straps and the classic styles have laces for older children.

Made from high quality natural, Chrome VI free leather, the shoes provide complete comfort and protection from foot perspiration. Froddo school shoes are durable and perfect for active kids. The back to School collection is available in size 25-42.

Primigi is one of the leading brands in Children's footwear in Italy. Using lovely soft Italian leathers the Primigi footwear collection provides footwear that emphasises both quality and comfort.. All products are designed in Italy and made in Primigi owned factories. Primigi epitomises Italian flair providing shoes that are equally strong for boys and girls of all ages and ranges from school shoes to latest on tend fashions.

Primigi foot beds are removable which makes them a good choice for children wearing orthotics and the shoes are chrome-free bringing an additional health benefit.

Shop our School Shoes collection here. Please contact us if you need any advice on choosing a style or the right size for your child.

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