Why choose Primigi shoes for your child?

Why choose Primigi shoes for your child?

We are huge fans of Primigi at Marshmallow Kids! The choice of Italian mums and dads, Primigi is known for combining technological know-how, with scrupulously selected materials and Italian style. The company focuses on easy to wear, breathable, flexible and light children’s shoes that are designed with the needs of each age group in mind - and which offer great versatility. A pair of Primigi shoes won’t look out of place at a smart family event or a kick-around in the park, saving you money on buying yet another pair of shoes.

Easy to wear, thoughtful design

You will always find consistently positive reviews from parents commenting on the ease of putting on Primigi shoes, the soft leather meaning that they are easy to stretch open, which is particularly great if your child has a high instep. Generous shapes are carefully designed and calibrated to leave your child’s foot the room it needs to move securely, without constraints. Primigi look really high end but not at the expense of thoughtful design such as use of velcro straps or laced boots that have a zip up one side — great if your child is still learning how to do up their laces by themselves! 

Supportive cushioning in the heel 

This system is designed to protect the foot from uneven terrain. An “air chamber” was created on the part of the sole above the heel to absorb the micro-shocks normally experienced when walking.

Breathable, anatomical insole lined in leather 

The special SKY EFFECT SYSTEM insole is created with the highest quality materials, lined in soft leather to ensure natural contact with the foot.

Maximum sole flexibility 

The shoe’s flexibility is created through calibrated channels etched crosswise into the sole to make it thinner, and by the extremely soft materials used to create the part of the midsole located near the flex point.

For maximum foot hygiene 

The insoles are removable so they can be washed and dried to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the footwear on the inside.

Featherweight fit 

Primigi shoes are made with carefully selected lightweight materials, designed to guarantee maximum freedom while playing and performing everyday activities.

Keeping your child’s feet warm and dry

 Primigi has recently launched a new line with GORE-TEX® technology. A sudden downpour on the morning school run won’t leave your child with wet feet for the rest of the day!

Peace of mind - eco-friendly and allergy free

Primigi offer an Eco Shoe version that is made of plant-based raw materials, non-petroleum plant oils and water-based glues. Their shoes are designed in Italy and made in their own factories in Italy or Romania. 

Buckles, grommets and all of the metal parts of Primigi shoes are completely nickel-free. Your child’s feet can move in complete freedom, wearing safe shoes with nothing that can cause an unpleasant allergic reaction.

In all Primigi shoes the leather linings are ‘Chrome’, which means they are tanned without Chromium. This ensures that the environment inside the shoe is even more natural and safer.

Shop our Primigi collection here. Please contact us if you need any advice on choosing a style or the right size for your child.

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