Water-Repellent and Waterproof

When it comes to choosing shoes for our youngest ones, water repellency and waterproofness are important factors to consider, especially in wet conditions. But what exactly do these terms mean, and how do you differentiate between them? In the Froddo collection, we offer shoes that meet both criteria to ensure the best protection and comfort for children's feet.

Water-Repellent Shoes:

Water-repellent shoes are designed to repel water and prevent it from penetrating the material. We achieve these properties by using impregnated natural leather that repels water. Such impregnation makes the shoes more durable and provides a certain level of protection in conditions of light rain, moisture, or mild water splashing. Additionally, water-repellent materials repel dirt, making the shoes easier to maintain. The Froddo, Primigi, Hummel and Bobux collections offers a range of water-repellent models suitable for everyday use and play on slightly damp surfaces.

Waterproof Shoes:

On the other hand, waterproof shoes provide complete protection against water penetration, even in the most challenging conditions. It is used special materials TEX membrane to achieve waterproofness. The TEX membrane consists of thousands of tiny pores with a diameter smaller than water droplets, ensuring waterproofness. The pores are breathable enough to allow the foot to breathe, preserving comfort. This means that the foot inside shoes breathes even while staying dry. We offer waterproof models ideal for winter conditions and heavy rain, providing maximum protection and comfort for children's feet.

You can be sure that your children will be protected regardless of the weather conditions. Choose the appropriate model based on needs and conditions, whether it's water-repellent or waterproof shoes, to ensure happy and comfortable playtime for your little ones.